Super Simple Christmas

Select your Christmas meal to take and bake a home. Simple! Each item comes with step-by-step instructions.

SSC orders can be picked up from 12-4 on Wednesday 11/24 from the location chosen at check out. Thank you for ordering with us and have a Happy Holiday season!

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Bar Cocktail Kit

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Disclaimer: Must be 21 to order, with proof or identification, and order must also include food.

These are some of our most popular cocktails we’ve batched for you to enjoy at home. Please remember to always drink responsibly.

Q: How much does a cocktail kit make?

All cocktail mix comes in a 750ml (25.4oz) container. This will make 8-12 drinks* depending on the size of your vessel at home and pour. Generally the cocktails we make in house are between 3-4 ounces, shaken or stirred, then poured over ice. This method of preparation from home will produce the best version for your Rye cocktail. You are welcome to pour any cocktail mix over ice and enjoy as well.

Q: How long will it last for or when will it expire?

Keep any unused mix refrigerated. Your batch should last for at least 3 weeks dependent on the ingredients in the mix. After about 3 weeks, taste your mix, and if there is juice in your mix and it tastes sour, throw it out.

Products will be sourced from our same suppliers, juices are squeezed fresh in house, and all syrups and falernums are made by us.

Is your favorite cocktail out of stock or don’t see it listed? Try reaching out to us directly by request and we will do our best to make it happen for you.

Holiday Cocktails:

  • Red Sangria (Fall Spiced) - red wine, all spice dram, apple brandy, fresh squeezed orange juice, cinnamon, clove

  • All Tai’d Up - bourbon, orange, lime, pierre ferrand dry curacao, house maple-pecan falernum (Upgrade to St George Breaking & Entering American whiskey +25)

  • Vieux Carre - sagemore rye, pierre ferrand cognac, house vermouth, benedictine, peychaud’s & angostura bitters

  • Rye Manhattan - old overholt rye, house vermouth, house bitters

  • Old Fashioned Menage a Trois - old overholt rye, high west double rye, simple, 3 way house bitters

  • Espresso Patronum - irish whiskey, cinnamon demerara, espresso liqueur

  • Tea-Quila Time - hibiscus infused blanco tequila, luxardo, green charteuse, lime juice